Mad Money

Financial Advice Show

Mad Money is an American television program focused on financial advice, especially on how to play the stock market. It began in 2005 and is broadcast on CNBC. The show is hosted by Jim Cramer and is a huge departure from typical financial advice shows, where most seem more like a newscast. Host Cramer turns this hour-long show into a mix of skits, sound effects, phone calls and interviews. On any given day, the stock tips can be interspersed with humorous video clips, songs, celebrity cameos and even dancing girls.

The show also has a giant scoreboard that lists the final score of a big game from the night before. Cramer also invites celebrities (who are big fans of the show, of course) into the studio to be on the program. He often has all kinds of celebrities including athletes, movie stars, TV show stars make an occasional guest appearance.

Where: Englewood Cliffs, NJ

When: Mad Money does not usually have a live studio audience, so tickets are not usually available in advance. Occasionally there are special event shows with a studio audience, so there are advanced tickets available for those, when they come up.